Houses and House Captains


All children & staff members of Clearwater Bay School are assigned to a ‘house’. Our houses, named after Chinese dragons are:

Dilong  Jiaolong  Shenlong  Yinglong

Our houses work together to earn ‘House Points’ for the House Cup, as well as competing together at Sports Day.

For each house, there are two Year 6 House Captains (boy and girl) and two Vice-House Captains (boy and girl). These students are selected by their teachers in consultation with the senior leadership team. These student leaders are given a range of responsibilities that include leading their respective houses, supporting Year 1 – 3 sports day, running and developing lunchtime activities for students, supporting school charities and attending meetings with both teachers and senior leadership team. Alongside these responsibilities, the leaders are given the opportunity to develop their own initiatives within school as well.