School Council

Clearwater Bay School Council acts as the governing body for our school. The Council must approve and ratify all school policy, budget and appointments. According to the ESF ordinance, the Council must be composed of a mixture of parent, teacher, ESF and community representatives.

The School Council meets twice a term and we encourage parents and teachers to approach relevant members of the Council with suggestions, ideas and concerns.

School Council Members 

Mr Jack Ng

Hamilton, Christopher John

Mr Chris Hamilton
School Principal

Mr Rob Shorthouse
ESF Representative

Ms Gloria Lee
Community Representative


Prof Kenneth Sin
Community Representative


Mr Chin Chiu Kwok 
Parent Representative

Prof Sujata Visaria
Parent Representative

Ms Tara Delaney
PTA Representative

Ms Lisa Harris
Vice Principal/Teacher Representative

Ms Rachel Bryant
Teacher Representative


Ms Jennifer Doo
Teacher Representative

Ms Carmina Ayson
Support Staff Representative