9 Oct 2020

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 9 October

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents,

It has been wonderful to have all students back in school for the whole of this week. When visiting classrooms, I have been impressed by how the children have settled into their learning tasks at the start of the day. There has been a calm and purposeful atmosphere around the school. 

It has also been a pleasure to see student leadership coming to life this week – the Student Council, and the Sustainability Group have both begun initiatives – Redress Month and our Kindness Tree – detailed below, and new House Captains and Vice Captains have begun their roles this week. We are proud of how students take responsibility at CWBS and look forward to the year ahead. 

In this week’s newsletter:

  • Learning Conferences
  • ESF App – Temperature Check Reminder
  • Arrival and Dismissal
  • Student Grant Application – 2020-21
  • Sustainability – Redress Month
  • Student Council – Kindness Tree
  • House Captains
  • PYP – The Learner Profile

Learning Conferences

Learning conferences will take place over Zoom next week, on 13, 14, 15 October. These conferences will not be a formal report on academic progress, but rather an opportunity to connect, reflect on learning so far, and share any information that will support your child’s learning in the future. Links for these meetings will be sent by class teachers in today’s ‘week ahead’ emails. 

I am delighted to report a very high booking rate for these conferences – thank you for your support. We appreciate these chances to connect are valued highly by the community. If you have not yet booked an appointment, please now contact your child’s class teacher directly, as Gateway bookings have now closed. 

Please remember: There will not be any teacher Zoom afternoon sessions on the conference days.  Learning tasks will be shared for students to complete at home each day. 

ESF App – Temperature Checks – Reminder 

Thank you to all those families who have continued to submit daily temperature checks on the ESF App. The daily checking of temperature at home is a mandatory EDB/CHP requirement at this time. All parents must check and record their child’s temperature each day via the CWBS ESF app. 

Arrival / Dismissal

It is appreciated that arrival and dismissal times have been challenging since the return to school, with traffic congestion meaning long journey times for some families. Whilst the community continues to adjust to the new routines, we are monitoring these times of day and continue to adjust our procedures in response to feedback. To support all families with a positive journey to and from school, please remember the following:

  • Consideration – Please be considerate of other drivers – there have been recent occasions of cars being parked in places that have blocked exit / entry to the school site, leading to significant delays. 
  • Parking – spaces near to school are very limited. Thank you to families that are making arrangements that minimise the numbers of cars arriving at the school site (car pooling, use of taxis etc). Please do not park on the school site. 
  • Arrival – The drive-through drop off area is available at the entrance to the carpark each morning. Drivers should remain in the car, and leave immediately once passengers alight. A CWBS staff member will be present to help students exit cars with only one adult.
  • Arrival – Parents may walk students from public transport or outside parking via the main gate or from the HKUST bus stop.
  • Dismissal – only one adult per family should collect children at the end of the morning in order that numbers of adults on the school site can be minimised. 

Student Grant Application – 2020-21

The Hong Kong Government’s Student Grant Scheme applies to every student attending a Secondary, Primary, or Kindergarten school in Hong Kong, making them eligible for a HK$2,500 grant payment.

Please note this is an additional student grant to the one that was provided last school year.   The application forms must be completed and returned to the school office by Wednesday 28 October. Please refer to this information sheet for additional details.

Sustainability – Redress Month

This month we will be focusing on the issue of fashion and sustainability as a school by participating in events to support the NGO, Redress. This week our students from Years 4-6 participated in a presentation run by Redress’ Circular Fashion Programme Manager, Lauren Boucher. Lauren engaged the students by explaining the issue of fast fashion and what CWBS could do as a school to ensure we reduce,  reuse,  repair, rewear and recycle our clothing. The activities that our students will have the opportunity to participate in this month include a short story competition and a dress down day where the students can rewear, recycle, or repair used clothing to wear. 

Redress Month – Important Dates:

Wednesday, 21 October – Due Date for Short Story Competition

Friday, 30  October – Redress Day (A non uniform day with a difference) 

For more information, please click here.

Student Council – Kindness Tree

The Kindness Tree is back up and running. This is a fairly new initiative to the school which has been driven by the Student Council Reps to encourage kind acts throughout the school community. This year we will be linking our CWBS Kindness Tree to giving under the five ways of wellbeing. Giving time, words, presence and most importantly, helping others and showing kindness in all that we do. The CWBS community look forward to reading all the wonderful acts of kindness and continue to lead by example while encouraging others to do the same. 



House Captains

New House Captains have begun their responsibilities this week. CWBS has four ‘houses’, Jialong, Shenlong, Dilong and Yinglong. Each house has 4 House leaders, with two Captains and two Vice-Captains. The House leaders demonstrate the learner profile through being principled, communicators and risk takers in all their responsibilities. They lead and encourage others to participate in school events, and also act as playground mediators, and ambassadors. Congratulations to those Y6 students taking on these important roles. 

PYP – The Learner Profile at CWBS

Year 6 

Students in Year 6 have been using Canva as a tool to help them design posters. They were asked to select an attribute of the Learner Profile and create a poster explaining it to an audience. To help with their layout, students were asked to consider their use of contrast, repetition, alignment and balance (CRAB design). Here are some of the completed designs from 6H.


Year 4

Students in Year 4 have been using their creative skills to make Learner Profile posters. After choosing an attribute, students shared their understanding through illustrations, headings, definitions and examples. Here are some of the completed posters from 4H. 



Year 3

Students in Year 3 have been thinking about talking about the Learner Profile attributes and how they use them in their daily lives. 3D students have been reflective and placed their photo on the learner profile attribute that they would like to develop further.



We look forward to connecting with families next week through our learning conferences. In the meantime, have a lovely weekend. 

Michael Dewey


Diary Dates

13-15 October – Learning Conferences (held on Zoom)

19-23 October – Mid Term Break

26 October – Public Holiday for Chung Yeung Festival

27 October – School resumes

29 October – Prospective Year 1 2020-21 Information Session

Medical News

Due to the pandemic, our school is not joining the Seasonal Influenza Vaccination School Outreach program this year. The Government still provides subsidised seasonal influenza vaccination for all eligible primary students. The 2020/21 Vaccination Subsidy Scheme (VSS) commences on 8 Oct 2020. You can bring your child to the clinics of private doctors enrolled in the VSS to receive subsidised seasonal influenza vaccination. Please click on the link HERE for more information. 

PTA News

The PTA will continue to operate a booking system for appointments to the office, so please email the cwbspta@cwbs.edu.hk if you wish to check the new uniform samples,or buy stationery and second hand uniform. We request you observe health guidelines when you visit the school. Please keep your donations of good quality used uniform coming in.

We are bound by ordinance to hold our AGM, and this is a great opportunity for you to become involved in the way the PTA supports the school. The school will announce on Monday details of the AGM, and how to nominate parent members to become members of the committee. The PTA will be open next week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8.15 am – 12.30pm.


Tutoring With Amy Mumford 

If you are looking for an experienced tutor for your child, I am a CWBS mother of 5 and would like to help. 
I am an experienced PGCE primary school teacher and private tutor, with an English MA degree from St Andrews university. I live in CWB. 
Please contact me on – 91869394  


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